Problem with Banking Site

  • This site NICU shows a blank space in Vivaldi where a top bar should be ! Chrome, Opera and Firefox all render the page correctly but for some reason Vivaldi fails.

  • @mrkeef That's odd. This is what i see, in current snapshot:


    Seems ok?

  • I've just tried it on the snapshot, and as you say, it works fine. On the stable version, 1.12.955.38 you get this !0_1507606163838_0549b0b2-be46-4bef-a417-bd122dc04d77.png

  • That didn't work so well, but the point is that those three regions at the top of the page just show as a white rectangle above the slide show.

  • << the risk of stating the bleedin' obvious...>> So why not just use the SS then?

    I had initially wondered if it might be some weird geoblocking thing going on, but then i realised that's a Tamworth-based mob, ie, presumably you're somewhere in NSW, as am i... so that can't be it, duh.

  • @mrkeef The site loads for me (eventually, it's very slow) on both Stable and Snapshot.
    (Linux Mint 18.2)

    However, I do get a warning about "mixed content" (i.e. secure and non-secure); not reassuring for a banking site!

    Edit: you could try disabling any extensions etc.
    Or just try with a fresh profile

  • I access the site from Indonesia, I've got same result like @Steffie screenshot in Stable (Direct) & Snapshot (using Singapore proxy) & Firefox (Direct). My Stable is clean profile currently.

    The Mixed contents just caused by common http Facebook & Icomoon (icons).

  • @steffie Yes, I'm a member of NICU at Narrabri, so definitely not geoblocking, although my IP address comes up as North Sydney where my ISP is based. But then a guy in Indonesia gets it OK.

  • Thanks to TbGbe. Refreshing the profile worked! Now to choose between stable and snapshot 🙂 The reason I don't always use snapshot is that the Feedly notifier extension often breaks in snapshot but works fine in stable. It's working fine in both at the moment so I might stick with snapshot.

  • @mrkeef said in Problem with Banking Site:
    If fresh profile work, try to pin point the cause (if you care & have time). Maybe broken cache, cookies or extensions hiccup.

    Feedly notifier extension often breaks in snapshot

    That's logic. Most extension devs only tune for Stable version of any browsers. Maybe economic and or to minimize debugging.
    Lasspass is another good example that often break outside Stable, in any browsers.
    If the extensions "life changing", just stick with Stable.


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