Mouse and Keyboard Setup

  • I am happy to see that we can customise keyboard shortcut already, when Opera 29 developer version only just introduced it, but it needs a rethink on how to implement the User Interface. Currently there are 36 fields on the Settings screen where one can assign commands. The list will get to be a jumbled mess that needs endless scrolling and searching to find the desired command to which one wants to assign a shortcut. In Opera 12.17 we have a well-structured dialogue with context sensitive command shortcuts, and a quick search to find the commands to which shortcuts can be assigned. We can assign mnemonic shortcuts, e.g. "b,b" to toggle the bookmarks bar or "f,t,p" to launch FTP Commander, etc. At least, users will need an easy way to find the commands. I suggest a single drop list with an alphabetically sorted list of available commands, a single field where the shortcut can be typed, and a button to apply it.

  • +1 for better keyboard customization options.
    People have different views on how to best use the keyboard, and it's important to be able to set the keys you want.

    This is one of the reasons I just can't use otherwise good browsers like Chrome, the user interface is dumbed down to the point it is useless if you want to change how stuff works.

    In Firefox I use a plugin to customize the keys - it's not a perfect solution but maybe something like that would work for Vivaldi.


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