kiss cartoon steven universe - video does not load

  • Re: Some videos don't load in VivladiI am very much pleased with the contents you have mentioned. I wanted to thank you for this great article. kiss cartoon steven universe
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  • @hoadongtien Install the PPAPI Flash player

    See this thread

  • Maybe it's just this PC, but none of my browsers (Vivaldi, Firefox, Chrome) are able to play anything on the provided link, just an infinite loading green circle in the player screen. All browsers are latest versions with also latest Flash version, but i'm not even sure it really requires Flash.
    I'll retry at home in the evening.

  • I tried the site on my Win10-64 system, and neither Vivaldi nor Edge would play the videos despite repeated attempts... just the dark box and spinning circles, along with repeated cyclic Internet activity bursts indicative of some kind of looping. (I use a network activity indicator on this system showing network traffic down and up.) Opera 12.18 wouldn't even get as far as the black box, either because of browser sniffing or lack of compatibility - it continually reverted to the 'cartoons list' page if attempting to play a video.

    Momentary flashes of small text boxes during some of the video attempts did sometimes appear, one noting a reddish logo titled "HTM Player", then the box and spinning circle appeared again. In the case of Edge, most viewing attempts caused a momentary appearance of a white 'forward' or 'play' symbol, but immediately reverted to the black box again; Vivaldi never showed anything other than the box and circle, except one momentary 'HTM Player' notation.

    The site appears to have coding issues, either in the media itself, the auto-player it invokes, or with the DRM handshaking that it might be trying to employ.

  • Confirmed NOT playing on both Vivaldi and FireFox also at home, both browsers with ublock origin deactivated.

  • May be a server issue.
    I have intermittent success when choosing episodes in the dialog below the player.
    More success with the later episodes.
    Flash is blocked here so believe it's using html5.
    Similar results in firefox and chrome.

    This episode loads in all browsers.

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