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  • So I like Vivaldi. Find the browser perfect for what I need, actually. Save one thing. The only thing that is keeping me from using Vivaldi 100% of the time versus Opera is that there's no built-in ad blocker or VPN. Being Vivaldi works with Chrome extensions, the ad blocker isn't a huge deal (though I'd love to see it support Opera extensions over Chrome extensions personally as I don't trust Google) but the lack of a baked in VPN is quite honestly inexcusable in a browser catering to power users as Vivaldi claims. When will this feature be added, if at all?

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    @edgalarza said in Feature requests for 1.13:

    It seems to be one of the least popular of all feature requests. I don't understand why anyone would vote down a feature request.

    This thread explains the reasons

    @kyle said

    The lack of a baked in VPN is quite honestly inexcusable

    That's kind of comment will not win you any supporters. As the thread linked to above explains, there are good reasons not to integrate VPN.

  • There are some problems with VPNs:

    Who pays for it and how does he earn the money for it?
    They do not come for free in any way, in some way or other the users pay for it.

    Who controls it and can you trust those people?
    AFAIK Opera uses an external service too (don't sue me if I am wrong, I didn't follow the Opera stuff that close over the last years) which gives me the creeps because I don't know what happens with my usage data - apart from that the usual "free" VPNs are nothing but glorified masking proxies.

    How secure is it really?
    Hard to test, difficult to trust.

    Does it have enough exit points, so that it can't be blocked?
    This is especially a problem when millions of users use the same exit point. Easy to block for e.g. Netflix if they don't want to show a series in another country before a certain date.

    A nice VPN/Masking proxy solution without those problems is e.g. renting some space at e.g. Amazon AWS or MS Azure or any other cloudy service like e.g. from Google and spin up your own, like this guy did:
    Don't know if the "free for one year" offer is still valid, I guess not - but, depending on your volume, it is not that expensive, you are in full control of it and you can make it as secure as you want (or can).
    Additional bonus: It does not only work in the browser but you can use it for everything that connects to the WWW - basically every program you have installed 😉

  • Hello my this is my first post. Hi everybody!

    I think at least support for configuring a VPN (in privacy settings maybe) would be good. That way at least it's an option. A person can use a VPN globally, but sometimes a person just wants a specific program to use VPN. I know this isn't integration, but I think (like most people probably would) that integration makes people feel like their forced to use something that may, or may not be trustworthy.

    Even though it's not as strong as a VPN I suggest privacy badger (chrome extension) to block tracking in websites. At least in the meantime it can help.


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