Quick Commands api

  • Is there a possibility of porting the quick commands to an external program? Specifically, I'm interested in an Alfred workflow - which would smoothen the operation if you already use alfred a lot.

    I realise a lot of the functions from the quick commands can be replicated by Alfred without any direct link, but it would perhaps be more complete if it could

  • I don't know how Alfred works, I'm using Quicksilver myself instead. And of course there is no plugin for Vivaldi on Quicksilver, because no user has written one. So if there are also user written plugins for Alfred, the possibility is there, but you gotta code it yourself. I imagine the number of people, who use both Alfred and Vivaldi and have the knowledge to do something about it, is incredibly small.

  • Thanks for the reply, I guess it would be known if such a person existed.

    Maybe I'll dabble with it myself one day

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Maybe ask directly in Vivaldi Discord, some real Devs hang in there. That if you don't mind to register at all.

  • @dleon Good tip, thanks

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