High resources usage

  • As much as I love Vivaldi there are two problems (related to resource usage):

    • high power impact (Vivaldi being listed as the only app) - energy impact right now is 40 and average is ~15
    • High memory usage (I'm using Memory Clean 2 and it lists Vivaldi as 'memory hog' and activity monitor concur) - Vivaldi process is about 500MB, and there a tabs using 460MB, 250MB, 170MB, 120MB, 110MB and the rest seem to be below 100MB... -- this seem kinda terrible (yay chromium :/)

    Just for completeness - I have 2 windows with about 30 tabs and I have open them "for the future". In Firefox I could run even with 100+ tabs without such excessive memory usage. And most of the tabs just sit in the background so it would be nice if they could get hibernated or something if they are not used in 1h or something... (I know about "hibernate" but having to use it manually defy the purpose completely)


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