Speed Dial thumbnails are blank

  • In Speed Dial, most of my links does not have any thumbnails or they're just plain blank. I had to reload the thumbnails every time I open the browser. In some cases they're blank and in some cases they're not. I'm starting to think speed dial thumbnails are not properly cached or something making them blank most of the time.

  • What platform are you on?

    Do you have a conventional install, or a stand-alone?

  • @Ayespy:

    What platform are you on?

    Do you have a conventional install, or a stand-alone?

    Both Mac and Windows. Happens even with a clean install.

    Don't get me wrong, thumbnails load. But not always.

    If for example I add new links, speed dial is trying to generate it's thumbnail but it usually results to being blank. Not all the time but it happens. And in some cases that my links do have thumbnails, after I restart the browser or open it up again at a later time, some if them are blank again.

  • Hm. I don't see this on my Windows box. Not all of the speed dials are populated but, once they are, it sticks. And if they don't get an image at first, a couple of refresh cycles usually does the trick. And then those images stay.

  • Hmm…weird. :unsure:

    Anyway, I just hope more optimizations are made on this front. Varies by user I guess. Maybe even connection speed.

  • Yes, it does need optimized more. I suspect it's designed for first-world connect speed, as in Europe or Korea. The fastest speed I can get in my location in the US is 8Mb/s and at that, which you would think ought to be fast enough, it basically ALWAYS takes two refreshes to get an image.

  • Just right now I closed the browser and opened it up a few minutes after. All my speed dial links are blank again except for the default custom thumbnails.

    Anyway, a bit off topic but do you know how to bring back the default custom thumbnail images that came with a clean install of the browser? It seems when you try to reload those thumbnails it loads the actual page like any other links. Now I don't know how to bring them back to default.

  • thumbnails disappear after a second after speed dial is opened. Refreshing not resolves the problem.
    Linux, v.1.6.x 64-bit

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