fix panel buttons order

  • Actually, this code works well {order: 1;} /*windowpanel*/
    .bookmarks {order: 2;}
    .history {order: 3;}
    .downloads {order: 4;}
    .notes {order: 5;}
    .webviewbtn {order: 6;}
    .addwebpanel-wrapper {order: 7;}
    .preferences {order: 8;}

    but I can't use on stable as it conflicts with code for moving preference button below last button: they are flex and block obviously lock them.

    #switch {display: block;} /*don't use this*/

  • Ok, autosolved again. Now the pref take the "correct" order.
    Scrapped out that #switch (it wasn't correct at all) and replaced with

    button.preferences {order: 8; margin-top: 0px;}

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