Background Page & App tasks (Solved)

  • It just curiosity without prejudice.


    Those tasks on blue, from what and or what they used for?
    At 1st seen I thought they're related to Chromium background jobs in Chromium settings & Site settings. Turning off 2 of them doesn't kick them away. Current GChrome Stable doesn't have them.

    I don't/never use Chrome Apps.
    Tab: Extensions task showup if I choose Blank Page as New Tab in Vivaldi settings.

    No interesting info found in my system tasks manager related to this background
    & app things.

    My best current bet; they used for Vivaldi Starpage, Vivaldi owned product. Which lead to another question, it quiet heavy isn't it? Even if it always sleeping.
    My Vivaldi Starpage empty, not Dials user here.

    The total memory will significantly low down, but still higher even compared to that Vivaldi forum tab. Vivaldi Forum Unread section do entry checkup & also notification every minute so I considered it busy tab.

    Any insight appreciated, Thanks.

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  • @michael32
    No. I'm not looking for apps.

    I'm curious to what's that "Background Page: Vivaldi & App: Vivaldi" tasks. No other Chromium based browsers have them.

    For these pass few days, I've got a feeling those are entirely for Vivaldi UI from A to Z. Only Vivaldi have self build UI.
    "Browser" task, which every Chromium based have is Chromium engine. "GPU Process" was obvious.

  • Moderator

    @dleon Those are the Vivaldi UI. And that may change.

  • @ayespy
    Thanks. Now all is clear.


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