Bug report: VIvaldi

  • Already filed these on the online bug report form but I wanna know if this happened to others as well. These are just quick findings and of course I'll report more if I find any. 🙂 I believe this was already fixed on previous snapshots but I noticed when opening links in a new tab on YouTube (not just videos), user logged-in session is gone again. On that new tab the user is no longer signed-in, but only on that new tab. It seems this only happens on YouTube. I tested it out on other sites like facebook and the user session is still active. This happens only on the Mac version. [b]UPDATE: I think this only happens when you're logging into your google account and "Stay signed-in" is unchecked. The problem is still there though regardless if it was unchecked prior to logging-in[/b] And also, the 'About Vivaldi' button does nothing on my end. Works on Windows though.


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