[Resolvec] Search doesn't open in new window - Is this a bug?

  • In Opera and all of the other browsers I use, when I enter a search term in the "google" box, a new window (tab) opens with the search results listed. In Vavaldi, when I enter a search term in the "google" box, the search results open in the window I am in. When I remember, I have to open a blank tab and then enter the search term. If I forget, I have to copy and cut the url with the search results in a blank tab, go back to my original window and go back to my original tab. Is there some setting I have missed or is this just a bug or something that has not been implemented yet? I am really enjoying Vivaldi and the weekly updates are great. When I get the ability to sort all of my bookmarks in the bookmarks panel, I will be a very happy camper.

  • Who has ever used this "Google Box"? Nobody wants it and everybody switches it off, if possible. Put your search into the normal address bar (field). If you want to open one of the search results in a new tab, CTRL+click it (or CTRL+Enter).

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    I have never known search to automatically open a new page in any browser.

  • @Ralf: I often use the search box, as I'm sure many other people do/did. And this even though I also quickly adopted search shortcuts in Opera so I could "w blah" or "i blah" to search for blah in Wikipedia or IMDb, for example.

    @litehorse & Ayespy - I've also only ever seen the search box open in the same page in all versions of Opera…

  • You could switch the behavior in Opera <15.
    I used the search box all the time and i installed Tab Mix Plus in Firefox just to get this behavior back.

    Why do i have to think about open a new tab when the browser can do this automatically for me?

    I loved this feature in original Opera and it was a major reason for me not to use Opera >15

  • @mossman:

    @Ralf: I often use the search box, as I'm sure many other people do/did.

    Yes, but just because it's there. You don't need it. Type the same text into the normal address field and start your search. It will (and should) use your standard searching engine without any extra "search box".

  • I have Vivaldi set up with the address bar and the open tabs on the bottom of my screen. At the end of right side of the address bar is a search box that I have as defaulting to google. When I put a search term in that google search box, it opens the search results in the tab where I started the search.

    In Opera 10.xx, 11.xx and 12.xx with the same set up, when I use the google search box, the results open in a new tab (window). With search results in a new window, I do not have to go through all of the copy, cut, paste in blank window to keep my original tab open.

  • Your workflow seems to be very unprofessional. Open a new tab with CTRL-T. The cursor is already in the address field. If not, press CTRL-L. Then type your keywords, that you are looking for. After you have results you can press CTRL and click on any result link. It will open in a new tab. If you use the spatial navigation (what I prefer), then you can jump from result to result and open the link with CTRL-Enter. The "Enter" is the same as the mouse click. That's all.

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    In most browsers it is possible to set them to open a new tab when following a link or opening a bookmark, rather than to re-use the same tab. However, this is not the default setting, and you have to select it on purpose (or whoever sets your browser up for you has to.) I once tried it back in the day, and the proliferation of tabs immediately made me sorry,

    Right now, the "open in new tab" vs "reuse tab" settings are not exposed in the UI in Vivaldi - though I'm sure you could dig into the flags or Blink/Chromium settings and find it. It's a pretty unpopular setting to change, so I don't expect anyone to be in a big hurry to reveal it at this stage of development. There are bigger fish to fry.

  • One Opera feature that I sorely miss is that hitting shift+enter after typing in the addressbar or searchbar would open whatever you typed in a new tab.
    Is Ralf implying that Vivaldi does the same, except you have to hold ctrl instead of shift?

    As an aside, it's little features like that which I miss most of all, not big stuff like Mail or Notes or Sidebars. Another one is how in Opera, clicking on a tab would activate the last-active tab, which is similar to how the Windows taskbar behaves.

  • No, I just meant that you can open links in a new tab with Ctrl-Enter.

  • To Ralf-Brinkmann – My first thought reading "Your workflow seems to be very unprofessional." was WTF, who is this guy! Then I read "seems" and I realized that that is your perception of my workflow. I don't know what your background is with PCs, but you come across as being a bit pompous. And this is, of course, my perception based on your responses.

    Although I am a lawyer by primary profession, I have been building and working on PCs since 1986. I grew up with dial-up and bulletin boards before the internet. In the past I have been certified in a number of software programs, done consulting and training with MS DOS and later Windows based programs. I have my own workflow and I use shortcuts that work for me.

    So the keyboard may be your primary input device, but I use both keyboard and mouse. It works for me, which is what I really care about. For example, I just highlighted a term in an article in the NYTimes. I right clicked and google searched in a new tab window for that term. However, if I put that same term in the google search window new to the url address, the google results replace my NYTimes window.

    Maybe when other priorities have been taken care of, this will be a settings option for folks like me.

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    I don't think Ralf is all that arrogant overall. He can ask for and give help.

    He just has an extreme prejudice with regard to computer inputs, and has nothing but contempt for anyone who uses anything but a keyboard to control their PC. Were it up to him, I think it would be unlawful around the globe to use a mouse.

    He's OK, though. You get used to him.

  • Thanks. I will have to work on my acceptance and tolerance issues.

    I started using a mouse when MS picked them up from Apple and used my mouse at that time mainly for graphics programs. Since then, I have gotten very dependent on my mouse and I have forgotten many of the keyboard strokes for movement about the monitor.

    Opera must have thought that a lot of their users worked with mice because in their preferences they gave us plenty of choices for keyboard and mouse gestures to get around.

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    Yeah - in old Opera there was a way to do EVERYTHING with the mouse, or with the keyboard, or with a combination.

  • @litehorse3:
    You said, that you type a search into the extra search box and are astonished, that the result page (all results) is opened in the same tab. That's what seemed to be a bit unprofessionell for me. I don't know if any browser opens these results in a new tab. Tat's why I told you to open a new tab FIRST and then type in your search terms. And you don't need a search box for it, you can simply use the combifield (address bar or what you call it).

    Then, if you want to open the individual results in new tabs, you can use CTRL and mouse or CTRL and ENTER, depending on what you prefer. I think, that is what most users do. You can also use CTRL-SHIFT-mouse or ENTER and open the link in a new window.

  • I forgot there even was a separate search box until reading this thread. Now I can't stop looking at it, whoa.

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    Heh, heh. Hey, terzaerian - if it bugs you, you can turn it off in settings… :evil:

  • Ralf- Brinkmann - If you have access to Opera 11.xx or 12.xx, set the tab preferences and clear the "Reuse current tab"" box. Then open a new tab or window with any url you choose. If you put a term in the search box on the url line and hit enter, it will bring you to a new tab or window with your search results listed. The site you searched from is still open. That is how I have done my searches since I first came across that setting in Opera preferences.

    At this point, I am learning how to use CRTL-T, but I would still like to do my old way. Thanks for pointing out the CTRL-T keystroke.

  • I have never done it this way and I don't want to click in an extra box, because the cursor is already waiting in the address bar after opening a new page. So I didn't miss this "feature". But at the end both ways need the same amount of work or energy, I think. 🙂


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