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  • I have been getting a black screen on my computer for many months now, and over that time have been working on isolating the cause. I have done hard drive tests, memory tests, and even replaced my PSU only to find that nothing fixed it.

    I updated drivers and progressively worked through software applications that were running at time of black screen events.

    Well, I have finally isolated it, and Vivaldi is the cause. I also see other "black screen" threads on this forum.

    The black screens occur in two ways. The main one is waking the computer from sleep if Vivaldi is running. The other one can be simply using the computer when Vivaldi is running.

    The computer keeps on running after the black screen event, but I am unable to get the display unless hit the power button or reset button.

    I have further verified that it is Vivaldi causing the black screen by not using Vivaldi at all for about the past week and not experiencing any more black screens.

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    May be a Vivaldi+Windows graphics driver problem.
    Do you have installed the latest from the graphics card manufacturer?
    Do you have special settings in the graphics card software?

    Try to disable hardware acceleration.
    Open chrome://settings/system
    Disable "Use hardware acceleration when available"
    Restart Vivaldi

  • Yes, I have updated numerous drivers, including my NVIDIA GeForce driver.

    I sincerely hope they address this issue as I was loving using Vivaldi, but have been forced to go back to Firefox.
    I wonder how others with similar issues got on.

  • @gwen-dragon Hi Gwen.
    I couldn't get your link to work, but I got the following link to work.


    Then going to Advanced > System, and disabling "Use hardware acceleration when available".

    I'll see if that fixes the black screen problem.

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