Fuzzy font

  • All fonts in Vivaldi seem fuzzy compared to Opera and Firefox showing same website. Very uncomfortable on the eyes.

  • Did you try switching the flag mentioned here?


    It might be you're accustomed to a different font rendering than what Vivaldi uses by default (which should be DirectWrite, but some people say it wasn't in their case, so take it with a grain of salt).

    Other than that, please post more information, or, preferably, screenshots.

  • That setting didn't appear to do much of anything…I enabled the disabling of DirectWrite.

    See attached pics. First one is Opera the second Vivaldi. I hope it shows the difference.

  • That's weird. Your whole screen seems fuzzy, not just fonts. That would, to me, indicate the problem is somewhere with the graphics card and/or its drivers.

    I remember seeing some similar issue a long time ago with HW accelerated browser (can't even remember which one it was) and nVidia cards. As far as I can remember, it had something to do with the user forcing some setting in the nVidia control panel. Anisotropic filtering? Antialiasing? Something along those lines. Sorry, it's been at least a few years, so I don't remember exactly. But might be worth checking out. Also trying up-to-date drivers for your graphics card, resetting its settings to default and stuff like that.

  • Is there some browser setting for H/W acceleration? I have IE, FF and Opera all installed and all have perfect clarity. Word, Excel, Outlook and other non-browser apps also appear fine. So far I only see this in Vivaldi.

    The laptop is the latest Dell XPS 13 with SSD and Intel (R) HD Graphics 5500 graphics engine. There are no updates available for the machine or the graphics drivers. I will look through the settings.

  • On vivaldi://flags, there's a bunch of flags available related to HW aceleration and GPU you can probably try. I'm unable to direct you to any one in particular, though, sorry 😕

  • By jove I think he's got it….sorta.

    I disabled Override software rendering list and the overall fuzziness appears to be much improved. However now look closely at the fonts. The rounded portion of a letter is not as smooth as in Opera.

    So I closed/reopened Vivaldi and it's no better. See pic labeled BOTH for a side-by-side comparison.

  • I can replicate your current font rendering if I disable DirectWrite. Check the attached comparison - left is Opera (with DirectWrite, obviously), middle is Vivaldi with DirectWrite, and right is Vivaldi with DirectWrite disabled. It's been resized to 200 percent to make comparison easier.

    However, two things I still don't understand.

    First, you say that you "disabled Override software rendering list" - shouldn't it be disabled by default? It was here, at least (and it makes sense - there's no point of having an option to force HW acceleration on unsupported configurations if you leave it enabled by default).

    And second, on your "both" picture, the one from Vivaldi is still very blurry, including the browser interface and its logo, and also the writer's avatar. Yet it looks like the blue Engadget logo and any text in that grey bar is not affected by the blur at all, strangely enough…

    I think you should file a bug report, if you didn't do it already.

    Edit: Ah, the forum has limits on the dimensions of the images and resizes it back, making the comparison useless...so here it is in full size: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-B6XeVn6kYRU/VP98Y0DZjBI/AAAAAAAA6Fs/XE31_2UcSPc/w1404-h468-no/vivaldi_fontcompare_directwrite.png

  • The enable/disable this is a bit confusing as described on some of the settings. See pic. It's confusing to enable to disable.?.

    You are correct about the overall bluriness except for the engadget logo and the horizontal menu to the right of the logo….perfectly clear. Everything else is blurry. Strange.

    I'll find the bug report.


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