How to uninstall Vivaldi for 100%?

  • Hello, I have many bugs in Vivaldi, my main concern about session manager which only works sometimes it's driving me crazy. I have lost tabs, again and again, I don't even know why is the logic when I just close the browser and open it okay when I close and do restart it doesn't remember, how it is connected to the restart, no clue. Please help me to uninstall Vivaldi including registry keys and other hidden folders in system and users AppData folders, please!
    Thank you.

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    Did you try to reset you browser profile first?

    To get a fully clean:

    1. Uninstall Vivaldi first
    2. Check programs folder
      Vivaldi is normally installed in %PROGRAMFILES%\Vivaldi
    3. check für user profile
      the user's Vivaldi browser profile is at %LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi
    4. Open regedit.exe
      Search for key vivaldi and delete found values/keys

  • Today after many attempts of fixing Vivaldi, I decided to migrate back to Opera and Firefox, sorry Vivaldi, but on my system it was terrible experience, I have lost extensions without any reasons, no backup, no folder with extensions list has been saved, I have lost it partially, I cannot track the reason, also I tried to lost my sessions all the time.

    P.S. I would also kindly ask you to remove my account on Vivaldi. net

  • @smbv To delete your account, I think you should ask at:

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