How can I stop address bar autocomplete? It is annoying because it picks the wrong result

  • Hey. How can I stop the address bar from autocompleting? I have about 10 different visits to, for example, Those visits are at different URLs within However, I just want to go to the home page of Instead, Vivaldi autocompletes with one of the URLs. Because of this, in order to go to the home page of I have to use the keyboard arrows to delete the Vivaldi autocompletion before hitting <ENTER>.

    I am aware that I can create a bookmark for or to add a button for it, but this topic is not about working around the issue but rather about understanding (and perhaps improving) the way Vivaldi works.

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    Try Settings > Address Bar, and disable "Address Auto-Complete".

  • Incredible! :). I was on that page twice and didn't see that setting. Thank you! I'm gobsmacked. Has it been there in 1.11 too?

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