Forum Threads Were Blank

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    Last night, only the list of unread threads were visible. Whenever I opened a thread, clicked on a notification, or opened the users list, the resulting page was blank. I was also unable to post a new topic to report this, so I did so via the contact form.

    This morning, the forums are back to working normally again.

    Did anyone else experience this temporary blackout yesterday?

  • @pesala No, not here.

  • hello Pesala
    Ours was more of a whiteout, but Yes. blank pages. then with no link to latest post. short or long? cannot say.

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    @pesala Had you reloaded the pages, you would have seen what you wanted. Yes, there was a code-driven inability to display content (which was actually there) For at least a couple of hours. Myself and one other tester stormed the gates until a fix was implemented.

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    Glad that it is now sorted.

  • I saw that. Whats strange is that if you inspect the site, the text was all there. It was hidden for some reason. Oh well, its fixed now.

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