Cannot enter password for ebay

  • vivaldi 12.1

    I am unable to enter my password in the ebay login dialog box . Not able to copy and paste the password either. Can type the user name . This problem does happen on other sites too but it is pretty random . I am using Adblock + and Privacy badger , switching them off makes to difference. I notice this was a problem for some chrome users a while back but I never saw a solution. Has anybody fixed this ?

  • Moderator

    @badger62 Privacy badger has proven problematic with Vivaldi. However, disabling might not be sufficient. It might have to be removed (IF it's the problem).

  • Moderator

    @badger62 And AdBlock+ sells your data. Just sayin'.

  • @badger62 I just tried. I had no problems pasting in my User ID & then Password [from KeePassXC] into the fields, then logging in. It all worked fine. Thus, it's not some weird generic all-Linux all-Vivaldi bug, & must be something specific to your setup. I use many extensions, but neither of those you mentioned.


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