• totally sick moondawg, i love it.

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    @catweazle HAHAHAH. The Python gave the world MogoDB. ROFLCOPTER

  • @catweazle LMFAO

  • No wonder I put the word "untranslatable" in English to translate into Portuguese, in the Google translator on line, and I got the following example, below the translation: "an untranslatable German pun". The German sense of humor seems to accompany the qualification that the German pun received. šŸ˜²

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    @quinca71 Not really that obscure. The snake in the garden of Eden offered the fruit of the tree of knowledge, which ruined everything. A python is a snake. MongoDB is a product created by Python, the software company. It's a pun on the Book of Genesis. Ha ha.

  • Legend has it that in a small village in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, at the beginning of the last century, there lived a man who became totally lazy.

    Some charitable souls have decided to give him support to lift him up and give him meals for a while. Nothing changed, the most influential inhabitants gathered and decided to take him to the graveyard and bury him alive.

    The procession followed, he lying in a coffin obtained from the local prefecture. Along the way, some very charitable souls decided to try one more time.

    A lady, in the name of these souls, interrupted the funeral procession, went to the coffin and said to the laziness beyond repair: "we are going to postpone the burial, perhaps you will be encouraged. I have some potatoes here that I will give you."

    The sluggard got up only halfway, leaning on his elbows and asked, "Raw or cooked?" The lady said, "Raw."

    He then stretched out on his back in the coffin and ordered, "Ahead with the funeral."

  • Some vigilant gifts for the desk



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    Another hieroglyph for me. Help me, Champollion. I admire, however, without understanding. Like a donkey in front of a church.

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    @catweazle So, the forum is basically in English. A German joke will be recognized and appreciated by fewer than 10% of the users. And, as images, they cannot be translated. Just sayin...

  • @ayespy said in NOTHING BUT (SICK) JOKES! Ha, ha, ha!:

    @catweazle So, the forum is basically in English. A German joke will be recognized and appreciated by fewer than 10% of the users. And, as images, they cannot be translated. Just sayin...

    And in Spanish less still, I know, I do what I can. For this I use more images, the last are cut outs as a gift for these good people here,
    You only need to print, crop and paste them to have a thing like in this animated gif.

  • @catweazle said in NOTHING BUT (SICK) JOKES! Ha, ha, ha!:

    I do what I can

    As for achieving universal acceptance and understanding, anything that is intended is not a simple thing. Comics cut-outs around the world under the written media, especially beginning in the twenties and thirties of the last century until several decades ahead, are an example of success.

    USA seems to me the most successful country in the aspect. Being a country with a much larger multiracial population, it is almost natural and logical that it be as it is. Germany, with a population of incomparable less miscegenation, and much less numerous, is also almost natural and logical that does not reach the same result.

    Hence, the business is to continue, following the popular saying, "dogs bark, the caravan goes by".
    Editing and adding: I say that, even if I'm part of the canine pack that barks. šŸ˜µ

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  • Since the title says "sick", I can not remember anything sicker than a joke read many years ago, in the former Brazilian newspaper "Pasquim", old, marginal and "cult", weekly circulation:

    JoĆ£ozinho Monstrinho, an extremely sadistic boy, in the basement of his house, where there was a loft, with a pin in one hand and a dove at a time, on the other hand, he let go as soon as he had stuck the two small eyes of the poor animal , pauses the "service" when his sister shouts from the upper landing of the house:

    -"JoĆ£ozinho, JoĆ£ozinho, run here, in a hurry. Mother died."
    He replies, "Hey, do not make me laugh, otherwise I mistake the eyes of the dove".

  • It is very shocking, but it is not true, it is imagined. Even so, it can cause discomfort, but I suppose it is not considered inappropriate to publish.

    Referring to my addition above. Anyone looking for "sick" must have a strong stomach.

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