Vimeo can't like videos

  • Hello, when I see some Vimeo embedded player on any website, I cannot click on LIKE icon, it opens new Vivaldi window and loading a new page, it is super distracting. Please make like it should be, clicking on Arrow make video like without opening new Vivaldi window.

  • Moderator

    If I understand you correctly, this bug also affects Firefox, so maybe it's not a bug with Vivaldi?

    Can you take a screenshot of my Vimeo video page and tell us what you're clicking to like the video? If I click on the heart icon, a new tab opens. Is that what you mean?


  • Moderator

    Like a video does not work in any browser (tested Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi) at this time.
    Cant be a Vivaldi bug.


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