Bookmark folders sort at top in bookmark panel; inline in bookmark bar

  • I sort my bookmarks by title, but the sorting behavior is not consistent throughout the browser. In the bookmark bar, folders are sorted inline with bookmarks. In the bookmark panel, folders are listed first. I don't care which it is, but would like it to be the same in both places. Ideally there should be a preference for "list folders first".

    If there's something I'm doing wrong, please let me know...

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    @benfishbus Do you have your bookmark bar set (using right-click context menu) to sort manually, or by title?

  • I have the same request: keeping the same sorting order as I have selected in the bookmark window on the left pane. I also would like to ask if it were possible to make the list more compact, with less space between the lines. There is now so much space there that I have to scroll deep.

    This is particular true for the pop list when I want to save a new bookmark in my bookmark folder structure. Why is it so spaceous? And why are all folders openend there? let me decide during saving which folder I will open or not.

    Also a search option where to save during saving of a bookmark would be a lot of help. And creating new foldes during the saving process. I now have to create a new folder first in the folder structure in the left pane and do a new saving again of a page i would like to save.

  • same here i use the book mark for sorting my customers and the sort doesn't sort.

    Can i also ask for subfolders eg
    Customer - Subfolder - SubSubFolder


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