Slow transfers, videos stuttering

  • Hi,
    It seems that the recent update has slowed down the browser for me significantly. I'm using three different Windows laptops on a regular basis, 2 of them being an average spec, 1 equipped in SSD, 16G of RAM, 1Gb Ethernet connection, etc (this higher-spec will be the example here). I also had Vivaldi installed on a work PC.

    • the startup takes a long time, about 10 seconds on average

    • also opening tabs can take time, the tab opens with no content (blank) and it sits idle, until the page eventually appears after 5-10 seconds

    • downloads are really slow. I attached a screenshot taken from two browsers running simultaneously (Vivaldi on the left and FF on the right), one tested at the time within 20-second window


    • after the update the work PC (Windows 7 Enterprise) has crashed (BSOD'ed) twice the same day, while I tried to launch the browser. I had to uninstall it and had no problems since.

    • The browser data, history has been cleaned, uBlock is the only add-on installed

    • version details

    Vivaldi 1.12.955.38 (Stable channel) (32-bit)
    Revision 7f53b6a63fad112d5d35848a1a0c6fe5cb4a9cbd-
    OS Windows
    JavaScript V8 6.1.534.41
    Flash (Disabled)

    Apologies if this was flagged recently but I couldn't find anything directly related.

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