POP3 on Vivaldi Mail (Solved)

  • Hi all !

    I am very happy with Vivaldi and it is now my default browser. I have set up an account as web mail and this works perfectly.. However, I use Thunderbird as my mail client so I want Vivaldi Mail to use that to.

    I only have one computer and no smart phone so IMAP is an unnecessary complication so I want to use POP3, as I do for my other email. I know from searching that the name of the SMTP server is mail.vivaldi.net but I can't find an address for the POPs server. Can someone please provide this information and confirm that the Port No. used is 995.

    Many thanks and best regards to all ---

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    Server: mail.vivaldi.net
    Port: 995

  • @gwen-dragon
    Thank you for a very quick reply. I am surprised because on all other mail hosts I've used the POP and SMTP servers had different nakes but I guess you are separating the traffic solely by Port Nos. I'll set up tomorrow when my brain is functioning and in the meantime, many thanks for your help.
    Best regards ---

  • @hatrack This is what i use in Thunderbird for V POP3. Has always worked fine.

    Incoming POP3 mail server: mail.vivaldi.net
    Outgoing SMTP mail server: mail.vivaldi.net

    • 995 SSL for Incoming (POP) mail server.
    • 465 SSL for Outgoing (SMTP) mail server.
    • 587, with TLS

  • @steffie
    Thank you for a nice clear confirmation. The Port Nos are as I too use for other mail hosting services. I just found it surprising that there was only one server name --- for example, in Gmail these are pop.googlemail.com and smtp.googlemail.com, respectively. I guess Vivaldi does not yet have the resources of Google so using one server and separating mail by Port Nos. makes sense.
    My thanks again to you both ---
    Best regards -

  • I want to tidy off my posts but I can't find a way to edit the title of my thread so as to add the word "SOLVED".

    I know its got to be simple but I can't find it --- Help !

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    @hatrack Did you try edit your first post over the 3-dot-menu?

  • @gwen-dragon
    I'm sorry --- I feel like I should go down the garden and boil my head but --- I've looked at my first post tp this particular thread and I can't see a "three-dot menu" anywhere !

    Sorry to be a PITA

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    @hatrack No problem.
    You do not see this?

  • @gwen-dragon
    All is revealed ! and I will explain ---
    I am elderly and suffer with a condition called macular degeneration. This severely restricts resolution and, I only have one functional eye so --- I have to use a hand magnifier to read fine detail and small print on my monitor. My poor resolution caused me to see the menu you indicate as the figure ONE. Once you showed me where to look, I got the magnifier on it and now I see three dots. I'll do my editing later on --- I want to get some lunch --- at 1600 hrs UK time !
    Thank you so much for your patience and help.
    Best regards --

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    @hatrack said in POP3 on Vivaldi Mail:

    I am elderly and suffer with a condition called macular degeneration.

    You are welcome! Feel free to ask, we help users.
    Please, that special need of you is no problem at all.
    We have patience and keep care about people with special needs and older persons.
    Myself is a old (55+) gal, having slow hands after a little stroke, and being extremly myopic.

    If the editing of the title of you first post does not work anymore (may be after a period of 1 day, i do not remember as i am a moderator having more rights) please tell me or an other mod, we can change a post.

    Have a nice lunch :)

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