• Hi, I am enquiring whether the options for cookies are set in concrete? I know this is not firefox but I quite like the way you can block cookies but specify global/session exceptions. Just to explain: I want to block all cookies BUT there may be a select few I am comfortable with at any time. AND there are the odd few which pop up every now and then which I would like to specify for the session only. Is this facility available? Cheers

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    Looks like it's planned but not implemented (at least as to domain). There's a place for it in Settings under Cookies, but it doesn't actually do anything yet.

  • That being "Cookie And Data Exceptions" I guess


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    So it would seem.

  • I just discovered that you can get some control over the cookie behavior here: vivaldi://chrome/settings/content

  • Thank you Walker, that let me add the exceptions I needed to make a couple of corporate intranet sites work that broke because of "Block Third Party Cookies".

    Hopefully in the future we can have separate settings for intranet/internet.


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