How to change the height of tabs in the location mode from the bottom?

  • Hi, All!

    I'm trying to reduce the height of the tab through custom.css, but it does not work out in any way. It stays somewhere around 30px. Does anyone have any ideas or ways how to do this?

    Thank`s in advance!

    PS: I strongly suspect that this property is set in bundle.js directly 😞

  • You can set the height. Try #tabs-container {height: 10px !important;}

    But be aware that you have to set the correct height of relative components too. This includes the tabs itself, the trash button, the newtab button, the fontsize, the lineheight etc etc. Furthermore the tab group indicators still have to find a place too.

  • Thanks! I really forgot about !important. Now things will go more fun.

    I'm making a style like Opera-12. If it comes out that is worthwhile - I will share it with the public.


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