Any recommendation for 3rd party Download Manager for Vivaldi?

  • Hi all, i have been using Free Download Manager for years, but it never able to fully integrated with Vivaldi. So i would like to find an alternative downloader that can do this 3 things:

    1. Intercept Vivaldi normal download via left-click & context menu.
    2. Capture & download music/video from vivaldi webpage.
    3. Preferably free & open source.

    Thanks for all useful recommendation! 🙂

    Related link: link

  • The closest I've come is jDownloader. You can customize the UI to be a dark theme (a slight pain, but I've got it all darkened), and monitor the clipboard for links. It's not a perfect solution, but I've found it works quite nicely for me.

    Better than the built in manager for sure. A bit of a learning curve, but worth a shot.

    The download queuing and of course multi-thread downloading is quite nice (and essential) for superior download management.

    I also recommend the Copy Links addon from the chrome addon store.

  • uGet seems good. Cross Platform & Full Open Source too.
    Honestly, for Linux alone, this's the only Advance GUI DM like what you meet on Windows.
    uGet Chrome extension act as Event Listener. You could write what you want to listen, such mp3, mp4, avi, zip, rar etc. But, probably need a bit of effort if you want those Youtube contents, blame Youtube.

    Nr. 2 probably a bit hard to depend on one app. As you might already found out, it's a love & hate relationship for DM that said could fetch videos. IDM is good example, & it's not just IDM vs Vivaldi. It's like that since video DM ever exist. If not browser devs break it then the DM devs them self break it.

    Random App Tips;

    • youtube-dl. You're really into videos? Then this one probably you're one stop pit. Ignore the name, it support a huge list of supported sites. It even fetch Youtube DASH, default as high as possible. Open Source & super active development for sites modules. I think the Windows version have GUI, as originally it's Linux command line.
      If you understand command shell pipe, you could feed it directly to your video player/app. Maybe Windows GUI version has option for easy non command line savvy for this one. Here come next app.
    • VLC. Again, for Video. Just feed the address of video, it just play them. Saving? Streaming it to other places? No problem.
    • Any Event Listener could do what you want. Try to find extension which do that. You could fetch/catch anything. I prefer this one.
      Wait a second, we already have this; it's Devtool. Open Devtool Network on your target site. It list every single thing that site done.

    Do I sound like advertiser?

  • @jebdude
    Been long time I don't use jDownloader. How is it now? Is it already version 2+ stable?

    Version 2 was promising project, but last time I left that app 2-3 years ago it still in Alpha or Beta. Far less powerful than version 1.

  • @dleon I don't actually see a "stable" designation in the version ID, but it runs quite stable for me.

    The about windows shows:

    Core: #38030
    Launcher: #4094
    AppWork Utilities: #2987
    Browser: #37987
    Updater: #617

    I find that jDownloader 2 is a good replacement for Firefox's Video DownloadHelper, as well as a good overall download manager. I'll have to give uGet a try too 🙂

  • @jebdude
    Downloading 1-2 files not a problem for me. Just browser could do that.

    My search for downloader extension/app are always like these;

    • Multimedia content video, audio, or flash (yeah).
    • Net Crawler. Famous in the 80s, rare these days. EX. that exist, famous & open source: HTTrack Website Copier.
    • Content batch downloader. Sometime I need this.

    Except for point 2 which only available as app. I already satisfied with extensions for either Chromium based or Firefox WE.

    Exclude Flashgot DM wrapper, Giorgio Maone still focusing in NoScript WE.
    For this I don't have real complain. Who know, if he manage to make it full Webextension, that extension could be brought to Chromium based.

  • I use IDM and Jdownloader quite frequently and qBittorrent for torrents..

    IDM is by far the fastest download manager i have tested. But if you use it to much and for too long it seem to be tough on SSD drives..

    Jdownloader works nice but after a while it goes slow for me and a lot a problems occur and client needs constant restart, specially if you use premium plugins. I think this has to do with the Java container Jdownloader runs in, but im not so sure. The new Jdownloader2 plugin for browsers is also really nice.

    I have heard that pyLoad is nice but i have not tested it yet.

    One cool thing you do is running a download manager as web interface local/remote and then setup this in a Vivaldi web panel @ This allow you to fully manage your downloads in one application, Cool ehh??? you could also run the download manager in a headless container for more performance isolation and security.

  • Hi guys, thanks for the ongoing discussion. i have learn quit a bit from u guys.

    Now, I have found this app call Mipony, it should be able to do what Jdownloader do & it doesn't hog resources because it's not a Java based app. However, it once got bad reputation because of malware infection. But i have scan the latest version with various virus scanning service & it seems to be "clean". so, anyone using this app? is it still unsafe to use?


  • Ambassador

    This does not meet your requirements but I will mention it as it has proved useful to me.
    As I use Opera12 as an email client I also use its download manager. It is minimalist but does handle torrents (especially good for downloading a new Linux distro).
    Also it has a context menu option to scan the file with your anti-virus.
    I have used a few third party managers and found them acceptable but not as effective.
    It is not hard to get used to copying the download link and pasting into O12, and it is available for most (if not all) linux distros.
    Not Open Source though.

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