Browser non responsive!

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    My browser stopped working two days ago.
    opens up two browser windows, and just sits there on my screen.
    Can not click anything and to shut it down I need to right click icon and choose´close window´.
    Any body seen this issue?
    Just reported it, just wanted to know if anybody new anything about this.
    I have tryed re-installing. tryed uninstalling and manually delete from regestry. install again did not produce better results.

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    Close Vivaldi
    Check in Windows Taskmanager for remaining running vivaldi
    If there are some, terminate them.

    Open in Eplorer %LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default
    Delete files: Last Tabs, Last Session, Current Tabs, Current Session
    Start Vivaldi

    If that does not help, make a full reset of your Vivaldi browser profile as described in


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