Drag drop a url link to space between tabs Not opening link Url

  • Drag drop a url link to space between tabs (to open a new tab with the url of the link) or tabs bar not working for vivaldi, however I see that its working for chrome and firefox, its a great feature which is regularly used by me and my friends

    Its a very commonly used feature, I miss that very much in Vivaldi, please add in the coming updates

    Apart from this Vivaldi is great, innovative, I now made vivaldi my default browser, I see that compared to firefox and chrome, vivaldi is more stable when opened with many tabs.

    Keep up the good work, awaiting more features ( please include more development tools like firebug too, now the development tools are less than enough) .

    I appreciate your sincere efforts for innovation.

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    @safwy For now you can drop a URL after the tabs, but not between them.

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    Drag the URL on the "+"-button.

  • @safwy Right... The drag and drop operations in Vivaldi are not quite there yet, and that's one of the reasons Vivaldi is not my main browser yet...
    And by the way, check my related request and vote, perhaps they will start thinking on working on this area... Link: https://forum.vivaldi.net/post/161740



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