Why I returned to Vivaldi for Mac?

  • There had been some issues with previous builds because Vivaldi was not fitting in my work flows (as I wanted it). But I am glad, some major improvements aside, a few extensions also helped to realise my goal. The first one was "tap to tab" that opened the tab in background making my workflow efficient. ScriptSafe as a NoScript (on FF) alternative and mu-matrix for the fine granular control over websites that I craved for.

    The most notable improvement was my own custom keybaord shortcuts (I am not a gestures person) which allows me to get reader mode.

    I am totally loving this! Kept Safari for those websites (just like the old days when you use Internet Explorer for the stubborn websites).

    I love the idea of Vivaldi taking it up by a notch, listening to the community and totally rocking it. Keep it up! Desperately waiting for mobile port and sync.


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