PDF problem

  • First of all I'd like to say that vivaldi is now my favorite browser and I am using it both at home and at work. It is great and even at this stage of development it has everything that I need and even more (although I am still waiting for the e-mails 😉 ). Great job and thank you!! Unfortunately I have some problems with viewing PDF files at my home. This feature works fine at my work (Windows XP 32-bit). However at my home computer (Windows 7 32 bit) I can't see no pdfs (please see the attachement). Could you please help my with that issue? Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/36792/example.jpg[/img]

  • Hmm, that is strange. It's working fine on my Windows 7 64-bit version of the browser.

    Check your plugins page: vivaldi://plugins and make sure everything is working fine. Mine is currently set up to use the Chrome PDF Viewer plugin; if you're using something else it might be interfering with the Chrome plugin or just not interfacing with Vivaldi correctly.


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