Some Annoying features

  • I'm new to Vivaldi and have just dumped Opera because of the very very sloooow loading of Speedial.
    Don't know why this started happening but no one fixed it so it's goodbye.
    Now , there are a few things I would like to see changed on Vivaldi.

    1. Auto delete of all browsing history when browser closes .
      really annoying, Firefox seems to be the only browser that I use that can do this automatically .

    2. The colour scheme.
      Just awful, the combination is tooooo bold or tooooooooooo weak for me please change these schemes.

    3. Speed Dial thumbnails.
      I hate this, the thumbnail taking a snapshot of the page you visited looks terrible.
      I searched the web and downloaded and installed my own thumbnails, but I have to say Opera actually deals with this better than any browser by using solid colours and the name of the site.

    4. Unable to rename the site.
      No matter what i try it reverts back to it's own description which is tooooo long .
      One word or just the name of the site will suffice.
      That's it for the moment.

  • Moderator


    1. work is being done on deleting entire browsing history. It's NOT being worked on as being automatic at the moment.
    2. You have a ton of options as to color scheme in settings. Please explore them. On thing, for instance, is to turn off the highlight color from the site, within your themes.
    3. You have the ability to assign whatever image pleases you, for any speed dial thumb.
    4. "unable to rename the site" what do you mean here? Rename what site, where, in what part of the interface? There is no term "site" in the Vivaldi settings.


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