.underline key stroke. aha.

  • .underline key stroke
    hello everyone
    Wording of help replies that included any kind of menu mapping with click >menuthing >this >that it was ideal to represent the menu names duplicated exactly, into the path exampled. Cannot now show properly the underlined letters included in the menu names. I sure miss underlining the letters in the menu titles when writing post. any way to underline that?
    should be stated letter. not plural per menu item.

  • As this forum uses BBcode, you should be able to use (bracket)u(rbracket) and (bracket)/u(rbracket) ... let me see, how is [u]this[/u]?

  • Guess not. :(

  • I don't think this forum uses BBcode.

    It seems to use Markdown. I'm not that familiar with Markdown, but I don't believe there is an underline.

  • Maybe use U+332 COMBINING LOW LINE, e.g. [A̲]:


    PS: Conflating Markdown’s underline __ with bold ** looks like a forum bug to me.

  • Moderator

    This forum does not use BBCode, it is Markdown.
    See http://commonmark.org/help/ !

  • Moderator

    I guess this is not a forum issue.

    Do you mean the underlined characters in Vivaldi menu/submenus?
    The used characters are calculated, depends on menu entry and user language.

  • The question was about posting stuff in the forums as it appears on the menus, including underlined characters. If the forum has switched to Markdown then yes underline is not supported.

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    Ah, ok.

    Underlining a text is not nice on WWW. Why? Because underlined text is always users misleading as link.

    I myself hate such bad text decoration.
    Users can use bold and/or italic to emphasize.

  • hello everyone
    thanks for the input. confirm no underline in markdown, then.
    Dantesoft showing the +0332 is enlightening . It lead to finding +0331 Non-spacing Macron Below and +0320.
    was able to add underline examples below with adding after the target character (minus spaces) & # 817 ; and also & # x 0331 ; those will underline the previous character.
    It lead to finding the following list of letters with included underline unicode available: B, b, D, d, h, K, k, L, l, N, n, R, r, T, t, Z, z.
    That is something worth a S̱ave. Thank Y̱ou Dantesoft.

    guess the other answer is use screenshot or step recorder. modernize. vokoscreen Steffie says.
    nice to hear from you, ugly. thanks for dropping in.

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    The Latin Extended letters with line below might not work too well with all fonts.
    Ḇ ḇ Ḏ ḏ ẖ Ḵ ḵ Ḻ ḻ Ṉ ṇ Ṟ ṟ Ṯ ṯ Ẕ ẕ
    The combining macron below seems like the better solution.

    I agree with Gwen on not using underline formatting for entire words — it leads to misunderstandings, but being able to underline A̱ccess Ke̱ys is often useful.

  • hello everyone
    "I agree with Gwen on not using underline formatting ...", Pesala, i concur. me too.
    There is sufficient good Gwen-Dragon reasons for underline to be squeezed out of existence in markdown. underline robbed of its ancient pedestal on the toolbar so to speak. first in first out. supplanted by recent code shortcut meaning. sniffles,, boohoo. messed with my underline. Dantesoft does that seem like it is just playing nice by putting in what is allowed in place of underline. seems like it is just gonna do that sustitution. maybe not a bug?

    I am so happy. Thank you each for posting to teach me how to place underline under a letter into the forum.

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