Exceeding limit of wakeups as reported in Console

  • Hello, has anyone else experienced this? Console's log is below:

    OS Version: Mac OS X 10.12.6 (Build 16G29)
    Architecture: x86_64
    Report Version: 19

    Command: Vivaldi
    Path: /Applications/Vivaldi.app/Contents/MacOS/Vivaldi
    Version: 1.12.955.36 (1.12.955.36)
    Parent: launchd [1]
    PID: 534

    Event: wakeups
    Wakeups: 45002 wakeups over the last 296 seconds (152 wakeups per second average), exceeding limit of 150 wakeups per second over 300 seconds
    Duration: 296.30s
    Steps: 57

    Hardware model: MacBookPro8,2
    Active cpus: 8

    Fan speed: 3786 rpm

    There are several logs which contain these in Console with varying fan speed. I would also like to add that a few days ago, my Mac failed to successfully boot even in safe mode several times after I put my laptop to sleep leaving Vivaldi open with three tabs. However the crashes/kernel panic/boot failure (I don't know how to call it) did not reflect in the Console logs save for the message prompt that mac failed to shutdown properly when I was able to boot successfully by pressing option after the chime upon turning the laptop on. The crash/boot failure loop stopped when I updated flash and reinstalled Vivaldi. However, just a few minutes ago, I had to force my Mac to shutdown by pressing the power button because it froze just as the desktop came to view after booting my laptop. Unfortunately, this incident did not reflect in the Console as well.

    Are the exceeding limit of wakeups caused by Vivaldi related to the freeze/crash loop I experienced?

    Thanks in advance.

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    @justaway My MacBookPro is not logging these errors.

    As for the freezes, Vivaldi is just an application. It doesn't install itself deep into the operating system, so it wouldn't be the true root cause of a system freeze, kernel panic (where the operating system itself crashes due to an unrecoverable error), or boot failure.

    The only time I've ever seen Vivaldi triggering a kernel panic was due to a buggy device driver for a non-Apple peripheral... but the problem was with the device driver that attached itself into the operating system, not Vivaldi.

    That said, there's clearly an issue with your Mac. The first step is to eliminate non-Apple hardware/device drivers as a potential cause for instability.

    Freezes and fan speed issues could also point to a problem with the System Management Controller. Try shutting down your system and resetting the SMC: https://support.apple.com/en-ca/ht201295

    If you're still running into issues, I would then run the Apple Hardware Test: https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT201257

    Once hardware-related issues have been ruled out, you can then go back to troubleshooting software.

    Could you also clarify what you mean by a "Crash Loop"? Are you referring to your system (Mac hardware/macOS) constantly resetting/restarting or a problem with Vivaldi where it repeatedly crashes as soon as you try to launch it?

    Thanks... and best of luck with your troubleshooting.

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