Importing of Vivaldi's bookmarks - several bugs

  • Hi, I am not sure how to report this / these bugs:
    Situation: I tried to import bookmarks from another Vivaldi installation. At this moment Seamonkey brower-email-chat-Suite was running.
    I selected: Vivaldi and checked bookmarks to be imported, selected Vivaldi´s standalone profile-folder
    I got the message: "Close Firefox before importing".
    Its a compleatly nonsense:

    1. Vivaldi should not care about other browsers running, when it has nothing to do with my actions: in this case importing bookmarks from Vivaldi.
    2. Seamonkey was incorrectly identified as Firefox
    3. Why is Vivaldi unable to import its bookmarks? (It works with bookmarks saved in html)

    Could somebody try it and report it or tell me how to report it or what is wrong Thank you?

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