So are notifications just going to be permanently broken from now on or what?

  • I've got these annoying Gmail notifications that I don't want popping up whenever I get a new email. This has been happening for months and apparently I can't actually go into the settings and change it because vivaldi://settings/content/notifications currently links to nothing but a blank screen. In fact vivaldi://settings/content links to a blank screen. With the UI broken that badly, I can't even just turn off all notifications. Hopefully the devs get this fixed soon because this is just too ridiculous to have this broken for this long.

  • @boxfreind Does the site settings popup work?
    When on the google mail page, click the green padlock icon next to the URL in the address bar, and try changing the settings from there.

  • That might have worked, I'll have to wait and see if any more notifications pop up. Thanks for the tip. I'll post here if it worked or not.

  • @boxfreind Hopefully it works. There are sometimes issues with routing some of the google internal settings, I hope it gets fixed fully soon.

  • @boxfreind It's silly confusing & annoying, i know, but i think you have to actually type "chrome://settings/content", then after pressing Enter, it automagically redirects to the V page... even though it is clearly the Chrome page.

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    @steffie It actually doesn't redirect it to the Vivaldi page. There is only a Chromium page for many of these settings, and all it really does is change the address in the address bar.


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