How to control the behavior of the address bar?

  • Is there a way to control how Vivaldi suggests entries from history, bookmarks, etc? I'd like to see suggestions sorted alphabetically, with top results being domains containing the typed term.

    As I type "b" on address bar I get: A site with "b" nowhere to be seen (not in the url neither in the title!) then "", "" and "".

    What I expect: "", "", "", sites with "b" in the title ordered by the typed term position in the word then word position (titles with the term at the beginning take precedence over titles with it in the last words) and no completely unrelated suggestions.

    I'm an old-fashioned user trying to reach the domains beginning with "b". I liked when browsers attempts to be clever didn't get in the way to reach a simple domain. I'm hoping that Vivaldi, with all its customization, will finally allow me to retake control of my own address bar.


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