MMB selecting page content...

  • The browsing interaction of a pro, using the mmb autoscroll functionality...
    [Click>Drag>Release] | read something | [Click>Drag>Release] etc If this method isn't good for you perhaps find a better mouse.

    The browsing interaction of a noob, using the mmb autoscroll functionality...
    [Click>Release>Drag>Click>Release] | read something | [Click>Release>Drag>Click>Release] etc etc

    I wonder which method of interaction is faster and more intuitive.. if only the browser didn't leave in a bug that selects page content while [mmb] is held down... hmm must be a feature and if we just leave it in for months people will learn to love stupid design.

    Just posting this here.. I dunno why 😄 .. oh maybe some people might get it 😏 Supposedly its finally being fixed after months of user reports and complaints.. much to discontentment of noobs who think autoscroll interaction should be done the slow way and this isn't a problem because it doesn't effect there poor browsing habbits, even though the bug can still occur that way if the slightest movement of the mouse occurred between [mmb] click and release.

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    @koolio There was already a topic about it, no need to create another to continue a flame war, this is a direct warning to both.

    It will be fixed, but there are other stuff on the pipeline that might have higher priority (e.g. crashes, privacy bugs, non-working media)


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    He got some hours pausing now.

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    @koolio Known bug for which there is already an internal fix. Fix will likely be released in the near future.

    The team is small and the code is huge, so really there's nothing to be gained by slagging off the team for not getting to one's pet bug soon enough out of the thousands of bugs which remain on the list.


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