Maximised window issues

  • I have my Win 10 taskbar locked across the bottom of my screen.

    When I maximise Vivaldi, 1.10.867.42, the window covers/hides the task bar, which it probably shouldn't be doing. Certainly, maximised windows for other apps don't have this problem.

    It is irritating because it means the clock is hidden, together with short cuts to other apps.

    Anyone got any ideas, please?


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    Try to update to 1.12 Stable first.

  • It doesn't change anything to update or not, the issue is always there since vivaldi 1.0, it's being reported multiple times here on forum, and I also reported on the bugtracker, with no solution from devs so far.
    It occours if one hides the windows taskbar, when maximizing Vivaldi it will be always on top of the bar. Just resize Vivaldi again to allow showing the taskbar, click on the taskbar to bring it on foreground, then remaximize again Vivaldi, the taskbar will stay on top now. It's so annoying that I stopped unmaximizing Vivaldi to not have to repeat this tedious thing.

  • Thank you. Yeah, that "fixed" it.

    I can see how it would quickly become a pain.

    Updating to 1.12 didn't make a difference - the problem persists. :(

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    @pollik said in Maximised window issues:

    It's easy enough to work around by using the Windows key.

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