Oh wow; V/chromium61 now plays better with TabsPane.

  • Nice one! V has not displayed the TP thumbnails since maybe late 2015 or early 2016 at latest, but i've just realised now that things very recently have improved:

    TP is still troubled when V hibernates tabs, as the respective thumbnails then become generic/null, but hey, this is a big improvement nonetheless. The result must be from the V / chromium 61 side, as TP itself was last "Updated: June 9, 2014".

    TabsPane was never as good as Firefox's Panorama, but it was the closest thing i could find, years back when i began using chromium-based browsers.

    Since the recent, regrettable [& hopefully temporary] loss of the pinned tabstacks from the Windows Panel, TP remains my easy go-to for quick effective mouse-based pinned tabstack rearrangements. Once the WP becomes fully functional again, i can again disable TP, but until then, it's at least nice that i can see its thumbnails.

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