Temp folder for opened files

  • Make 4 options when downloading a file:

    • 'save as' - allows to change name of the file and download location befor download (with last used folder as default (or default folder if saving to default folder is chosen in options))
    • 'save' - saves to last used folder (or default)
    • 'save and open' - saves file to last used folder (or default) and opens it
    • 'open' - saves file to temp folder and opens it, then deletes after closing it

    Also path to default download folder in settings should be chosen from list of folders on your PC - not written manually.

  • Moderator

    I am pretty sure these are all available already, except for the last, which is already in Feature Requests:

    @martec said in Feature requests for 1.13:

    Download auto-open files to temp folder

    0_1506670128114_Download Options.png

    @pesala said in Feature requests for 1.13:

    Browse Buttons in Settings

    Both Home Page and Downloads Folder need browse buttons.

    0_1506670649809_Browse Buttons in Settings.png 0_1506670657340_Downloads Folder.png


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