Vertical tabs need TLC.

  • Hello. I'm enjoying using Vivaldi so far. One of my favorite things? Vertical tabs along the left hand side. However, I'm having some troubles using it. First off, dragging and dropping tabs has no UI. I can click a tab and drag it, but when I do, there is no UI element following my mouse to let me know I'm actually dragging. On horizontal tabs, the tab "skids" along the tab bar under the mouse. Tab stacking doesn't work in side-tab-bar mode. Previously stacked tabs, in horizontal mode, remain stacked, but I have not been able to stack stabs in vertical mode. All it does is resort the tab before the tab I drop it on. I'd like to see the "new tab cross" button and the "trash can" button share a row, instead of stacking on top of each other in vertical mode. Hovered tab previews get clipped in right hand mode because the popover doesn't align right: [attachment=811]VivaldiTabPreview.jpg[/attachment] Pizza topping: I'd rather the close button appear on the right, like Firefox and Chrome than replace the website icon. Is that an Opera thing? I wish the tab sidebar had a left(/right) hand border. Right now the tabs just butt against the page content, and depending on the background that can look weird. A vertical line, the thickness of the line between the URL box and the Search box, which runs down the length of the tab bar would do nicely. Just some ideas I've had while using the browser. Attachments: [img][/img]

  • tab centering is fixed in today's release. Update 🙂


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