PhpStorm issues (Jasmine Framework)

  • Hello,
    I got this message when launch the web page for my project in PhpStorm. It came everytime I opened it or refreshed it, multiple times. (Check Screen)
    text alternatif

    It's a bit annoying because I have to close the bow window to continue the refresh. And none of the two options correct the problem.
    It comes only on Vivaldi. I tested it with Google Chrome (Because Vivaldi is on Chromium) and, the box window doesn't appear.

    It's not a really big deal, but it's a bit annoying.
    It's because of a picture of the framework used for the unit tests -> Jasmine
    The link copied is this picture :
    text alternatif

    And there is the page I open for my project :
    text alternatif

    Thanks if you can find a solution, I try to search in PhpStorm's options, I will check a bit more later !

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    @esperax said in PhpStorm issues (Jasmine Framework):


    Please check which Authorization is used and how that works.

    To check if this is a bug the Vivaldi developers need a testcase to reproduce.

    Perhaps you ask first the PHPStrom support/forum to check themselves.

  • Sorry I found the solution, but the weird thing is, it only came with Vivaldi.
    So there is the link with the solution : Solution .

  • @gwen-dragon Yes, I probably made a too fast shortcut... I don't know, and the authorization seems to be about the debugger of PhpStorm.
    I am a bit impulsive when I got problems >< I'm not doing everything in the good order.
    But I don't know why it happened only with Vivaldi 😕

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    @esperax said in PhpStorm issues (Jasmine Framework):

    So there is the link with the solution : Solution .

    And what was the solution for you?
    Please explain here for others.

  • I put a link for that which redirect in the JetBrain's forum :
    just check "allow unsigned request" in Setting > Build, Execution, Deployment > Debugger.


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