Long Term Storage Objects (LSOs)

  • I have been a user of Firefox for many years but, in view of the impending changes in this browser, I have been evaluating others. I am very happy with Vivaldi and it is now my default browser. However, I am cautious about tracking so I clear cookies and browsing history frequently. Can anyone please tell me whether or not "Clear History" does indeed remove LSOs or do I need to install a third party cleaner utility.
    I thank readers for looking at my question and look forward to replies in due course. Best regards to all --

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    If you mean the IndexedDB, they are removed with Clear Browser Data.

  • @hatrack LSOs stands for Local Shared Objects, and they have, as far as I know, nothing to do with IndexedDB. They can however be cleared on Chrome browsers by clearing the browser data indeed, and this since years. Formerly you needed to visit the Adobe website for this, because they are really Flash cookies.

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    My thanks to you (and Gwen-Dragon) for your replies. I have no knowledge of the IndexedDB so I would be grateful if Gwen-Dragon can kindly direct me to a source of info so that I can learn more about these.

    What I was thinking about are the so-called Flash Cookies. Some years ago, there used to be an add-on for Firefox called "Better Privacly" which specifically dealt with these. Unfortunately, the developers fell into the trap of selling user's data to those who write trackers and, as a result, Mozilla deleted Better Privacy from their list of add-ons and, I think, this killed it off.

    I know about going to the Adobe site to delete LSO cookies but this is laborious, particularly since I run my browser in a sand-box so, I would have to exit and then re-invoke Vivaldi, which I am loath to do. Linux is a pretty safe environment but sooner or later, someone is going to write a virus for it which circumvents the inherent strength and I don't want to be the one who catches that particular cold !

    I could fire up a file manager, go to the "media" folder and then manually delete LSOs there but again, this is laborious abd I would not be certain that I have got them all. What I am really looking for is an add-on like Better Privacy which is compatible with Vivaldi, running under 64-bit Linux Mint.

    My thanks to you both for reading my post and commenting so far.

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  • @gwen-dragon
    Thank you for your quick reply. I'll bookmark these sites so that i can study them at my leisure.
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