Vivaldi doesn't remember open tabs any more

  • I'm using the latest version 1.12.955, Vivaldi suddenly doesn't remember open tabs from last session and wipes them out every time windows restarts, but if I just open and close Vivaldi the tabs are still there.

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    May be files behaving straneg after crash.

    Close Vivaldi
    Check in Windows Task Manager if any open Vivaldi processes (if so terminate them)
    Open in Explorer %LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default
    Last Session
    Last Tabs
    Current Session
    Current Tabs

  • I've rebooted with vivaldi and tabs open (using latest version 1.12.955.38) and cannot replicate the issue.

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    My Vivaldis (i use the 1.13 Internal, the 1.13 Snapshot and 1.12 Stable) never had this with reboot of Windows 10.

    I guess the user may have some Windows tool/setting speeding-up shutdown.

  • I'm also have the same issue, which is strange - let me explain.

    Two laptops:

    1. Samsung, Windows10Pro; Vivaldi: 1.12.955.48 (Stable channel) (32-bit)
    2. ASUS, Windows10Pro; Vivaldi: 1.13.1008.36 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
      On both the same sets of extensions (steam helper, ublock origin, pearltrees, lastpass)

    Samsung saves tabs from last session without problem. Works like charm.
    ASUS don't. But - when i disable pearltrees and ublock it start's to remember tabs from last session. If i enable one of these two above, it gives Vivaldi a demention again.

    I don't think it's the extension issue - maybe something changed in Vivaldi's version?

    p.s. I can do some test if You like, to solve this problem. I simply can't use browser without: remember tabs from last session, ublock (pearltress i can, but it's inconvinient)

    /best regards

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    @grizzbir Then it your the pearltree extension which makes such issue.
    I use uBlockOrigin and never had loss of a tabs session.

  • Hmm strange even more.
    I've tried to disable those two extensions, nothing changed (still lack of previous session). Removed them - the same thing - nothing changed.
    Right now i don't think even more that it's the extention issue.

  • Another lookout to the issue.
    If I log-off from Windows, than Vivaldi saves and reload my session after start.
    Which brings me to the "stay on at tray". I turned it off, and bang! It worked.
    Vivaldi after close, and open again brings back tabs from previous session. So there's something maybe with this tray system? Maybe it doesn't "close" to the end, so there's no session to load back?


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