Problems with profile path

  • Hello,

    because of the problems with touchscreens since v. 1.10 I had to downgrade to v. 1.09. Therefore I deinstalled v. 1.12 and installed v. 1.09.

    Now when starting v. 1.09 I get the following message (in German, so I try to translate it here): "Your profile can not be used, because it comes from a newer version of Vivaldi. Some of the functions may possibly not be available. Please set another path for the profile or use a newer version of vivaldi."

    To my surprise v. 1.09 seems to have taken over the settings, bookmarks and extensions of (the deinstalld!!!) v. 1.12. But v. 1.09 does not know the saved passwords and it does not remember new passwords when being started again.

    What can I do to solve the problem with the profile path?
    With regard to the above mentioned message: I do not know where / how a new path for the profile can be set.

  • Go to vivaldi://about and check the path to your profile. Then delete the profile. Downgrading a browser isn't recommended, but if you gotta do it, do it with a fresh profile.

  • Hi, you can try to rename your profile folder first, more information >
    At least bookmarks, notes are reusable.
    Maybe passwords too if Vivaldi doesn´t change the database structure.

    Cheers, mib

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    @albinoni Downgrade may result in loss of your extension data and login database.


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