Bookmarks and Importing Data

  • Suggestions: -open links in new tabs -open bookmarks in new tabs -import data from google chrome -import saved passwords and form data from chrome

  • -open links in new tabs

    it's here

    -open bookmarks in new tabs

    it's here as well

    -import data from google chrome

    +1 (could not be hard since Chromium. Firefox, Opera and IE are already in the list but Chromium based Google Chrome is not… weird)

    -import saved passwords and form data from chrome

    not likely to happen since password protecting but I wish I'm wrong with that.

  • Suggestion: - Open links in background tab

    • add Tags feature to Bookmarks (your "Nick names" are searchable but your "Descriptions" are not,
      and Tags actually name-match as you are entering them (eg if you have tech and tests and type "t" both clickable tags are listed below

    (But thank you for a speedier browser and fixing Opera's crippled bookmarks esp Nick Name but also Description -
    now go all the way with Tags! I don't know if that is native or an extension,
    to Firefox/Nightly/Ice Dragon or whatever)

    : 32 bit weekly snapshot on 32 bit windows 10
    (scrolling died on me once, in all windows though tabs worked restart no problem)


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