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  • I just moved one of my old albums from MyOpera to check how the system works - the ones I wanted to keep have already been moved to Wordpress some time ago. I can enable them to be viewed by anybody by selecting 'Anybody' in the sharing option, but I can see nowhere to turn off comments, location and like options. The access options seem far more limited than they were on MyOpera. I notice also that I seem to be unable to rearrange the order of the photos after uploading.

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    I published my first photo albums on MyOpera, and told myself it was a learning process. But struggling with how to select the cover photo for each album, and especially how to rearrange the individual images in an album led to so much frustration that I gave up tweaking my albums.
    That the order of uploading should have anything to say about the finished product is just silly. I could understand if the time and date the picture was taken should decide the order of appearance as a first approximation, but even that is very limiting if you want to tell a story with pictures. Uploading an image more than once, should be unnecessary, and rearranging photos and albums should be simple drag-and-drop.

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