No warning about a download when closing Vivaldi

  • FEATURE REQUEST: If I close Firefox in the middle of a download, it warns me about the download and asks if I still want to close Firefox. Could Vivaldi please implement this feature — it would surely very simple — because the feature is extremely useful.

    Or even better, could Vivaldi close everything except the download stream, and ask the user if the download should be aborted.

    Or perhaps such things are already there in Settings and I failed to find them.

    [By the way, I tried to post this in the 'Feature requests' section, but there was no 'New Topic' button.]

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    @montiverdi Do not make a new topic. Add to the existing thread. ONE request per comment.

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    @montiverdi The request is already there, along with some others on download management, resume downloads, etc. Just vote for the existing feature requests.

    @pesala said in Feature requests for 1.13:

    Warning When Download Is Incomplete

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