Website scaling for webpanel

  • I absolutely love the webpanel.

    I find that FB Messenger and Google Keep are much more accessible this way. However, I feel that these eat up quite a bit of screen space at times. While the regular window can be scaled, the webpanel cannot.

    May I request that webpanels be zoomed in or out such that the user can set the web scaling of the webpanel? Even better if like the separate width function, that there would be a default zoom and a separate zoom.

    I feel this would enhance my experience with Vivaldi quite much! I already cannot live without the webpanel. 🙂

  • Vivaldi WPs were revolutionary. The next two innovations that will revolutionise the revolution are graphically movable D&D WPs, & individual WP zoom.

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    This Forum is not for browser problems, it is for problems with the forum.
    OK, wring posts can happen. Moved to correct forum.

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    A bug report is already known as VB-17446 "Zoom in Web Panel"

    I would like it if zoom would we able in a webpanel. But currently there are more important bug fixes/tests to do for the browser as there are: media problems, sync, mail client.
    So we have to wait.


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