Bug with Speeddial screen

  • Hi!

    I've strange problem with a Speeddial screen in Vivladi. When i click on Vivaldi icon on my desk, it start, and on the speeddial screen (set as my start page) I see that, all thumbnails overlapping. For example:


    I try to install new snapshots and nothing helps. When I open a new tab (speeddial is also set as default new tab page) all is ok. that bug appeared spontaneously at some startup.

    Now I'm using 1.13.966.3 version

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    @rpdshr I suggest you refresh your profile.

  • Ok, so when I refreshed profile all seems to be fine, but... when I (manualy) set-up Vivaldi (via settings ofcourse) at the next startup problem returns.

    I accidentally discovered something strange... When I have open any panel on the left side (no matter what - bookmarks, notes or downolads) Vivaldi overlapping the thumbs, but when I closed panel and restart Vivaldi everything is fine. Any idea?!

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    @rpdshr Do you run any extensions?

  • Yes, but I refresh profile without extensions directories (and files).

    I've refreshed my profile serveral times - with and without extensions, with and without thumbnails files and many other configuration (cookies, history, cache) and nothing helps.

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    @rpdshr Do you run anything on your machine that affects your user interface in any way?

    Do you run more than one video card?

  • Hmmm... Solved! Guess what? When I clicked on resize button in top right, the Vivaldi window dissapeared and i couldn't bring it back. So, I forced to close it with windows taks manager. After restart Vivaldi opens in fullscrreen, so I repeat -> resize button, window dissapear, but on the windows task bar I see the thumbnails of vivaldi window, so I rightclick on it and try maximize it. Worked. Next step was click and hold the top of the Vivaldi window, so when it resize to the some other size than "dissaper size" - eveything is ok.

    I think this was a reason. Maybe Vivaldi, on startup, is scaling his interface from 'resized' size to max size and I've a glitch with that parameter?!

    Thank You and sorry for my poor english! 🙂


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