Vivaldi is freezing sometimes

  • Both versions the stable and the snapshot are freezing sometimes. In dutch " bibberend beeld". I use a few distros and I have the problem everytime.
    I have now a new computer and the problem is not solved. I have create a clean profile, this have also the same problem.

    With google chrome I don't have this problems.

    How can I solve this?

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    @satshow There is work being done to make the way Vivaldi webpages are produced, more efficient and resource-thrifty. Until that is finished and rolled out, it may be too early to try to run down freezes on individual systems. So far as I am able to tell right now, the freezing problem is only reproducible by the development and testing teams on very, very old hardware (like 13-14 year old P4 systems with on-board Intel graphics). These same systems work without freezing on Win7. But once the new code is in place, if the problems persist, it will be a good time to gather system info from victims of the freeze, to try to see what may be at work here.

  • @ayespy Do you think we'll get the work shown in a snapshot blog as a feature, or will they silently release it? I too sometimes get a second of freezing where I can't scroll or click anywhere in Vivaldi, then my screen go black for a second, then it unfreezes. I've experienced this for most of the year now, but wondered if I was the only one.

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    @d0j0p The freezing is not being, and has not been, addressed. The better timing to look at it is after the re-write, and that will be announced when it's rolled out.

    In the meantime, ANY reports concerning exactly when and how it seems to happen will be welcome. Can't fix a bug if they can't tell what's causing it.

    My suspicion is that it has something to with scripts, media or graphics. But that's almost like reduced gas mileage must have something to do with fuel mixture, ignition timing, or friction.

  • I have noted since the update to 1.12.955.36 on Vivaldi using Arch Linux that there is intermittent 100% CPU utilisation and memory leakage when loading web pages, notably when advertisements are loading on the Digital Spy Forums and when loading item listings on eBay. The only fix I have found is to kill the offending tab in Task Manager, reload the page and cross your fingers.

    I'm not sure which website the original poster is accessing when this issue occurs but it may be worth seeing what is happening within Task Manager when this 'freezing' occurs.

  • @ayespy Awesome! Can't wait for it!

  • The browser freez sometimes when I for example on the speeddial page and do nothing.

    It happen on almost every site I visit. But this problems happen more on my new system than on my old system.

  • Hopefully some piece of my information will help you guys.

    My problem is that Vivaldi browser (1.12.955.38) freezes at the start. It happens 9 times of 10. The procedure is next:
    Switch on laptop -> OS loaded -> Starting Vivaldi -> Freeze.

    Browser stops to react on any clicks. The only way to move on is to force close browser and from second time it starts to work normally. This bug is annoying but I can't say that it is really bad. What is bad that after freezing browser losses all the tabs that had been open before. And that is critical to me.

    The same exactly scenario is when I waking up laptop from sleep mode. Everything happens exactly like I described above.

    BTW before it wasn't like that. This started from 1.12.955.36 version.

    Hopefully that helps you, because I think Vivaldi is the best browser in the world and most comfortable in use for me. That is why don't want to leave you guys. Unfortunately now must use other browser, until this problem is solved.

    Ohh yeah. My laptop runs on Windows 10, 64 bit.

  • @mar4elo You posted a Windows query in

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    @mar4elo said in Vivaldi is freezing sometimes:

    Ohh yeah. My laptop runs on Windows 10, 64 bit.

    Wrong forum. Please at

  • @satshow same here. But I really have trouble identifying the culprit. I somethings think it is due to the way vivaldi interacts with kwin on my kde

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    Depends on desktop manager. I get more problems on KDE Plasma 5 than on KDE 4.14 or GNOME.
    And it depends unfortunately and mostly on graphic cards drivers. Hardware acceleration on some cards is a pain on Linux.

  • @gwen-dragon That's odd & disappointing. V-SS & Stable both perform really nicely in my Plasma 5.10.5, & my GPU is only the integrated Intel one [i removed my low-spec NVidia GPU early this year due to repeated Tower freezes, unrelated to V]. Maybe i've just been lucky, but i don't seem to get any of the V pain that some others mention in the forum occasionally.

  • I have install Antergos and here I don't have any problem now.

  • My God. Sorry for that guys. Will post it in right branch.


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